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Happy Cup (Menstrual cup)
Happy Cup (Menstrual cup)
Happy Cup (Menstrual cup)

Happy Cup (Menstrual cup)

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The silicone sanitary solution, that's comfortable, reliable and convenient. Suitable for all women whom have given birth and women whom have not. Cup size varies and doesn't necessarily apply to every woman as we all are shaped differently. I personally love this product and believe all women would be more secure knowing you are not at risk for toxic shock syndrome, rashes or any disfunction associated with using tampons or maxi pads. 
A cost effective, safe alternative to manage your period is available with TreasureGemz. 

Available in two sixes (S) & (L) and can be used up to 12 hours without replacement. Just remove empty and reuse. 


Each cup holds up to 7.5-20ML of blood, Small cup holds 15ML & Large cup holds 20ML.

Made from 100% high quality medical grade silicone.

*Odor free

*Allergy free

*Free of dioxin or any allergic materials

*Women who have not not had sexual experience are not recommended to use this product.

FDA Approved for safe effective use internally during your menstrual cycle.

Lifespan of this product is 15 years.


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