Treasure Gemz Holistic Healing and Self Care Shop is dedicated to educating women on the many benefits of using yoni eggs intimately and spiritually. Yoni eggs are easily described as an organic alternative to major cosmetic surgeries to your vagina! These natural hand shaped and polished crystals and stones can be essential in aiding in natural vaginal floor strengthening exercises known as kegels. Generally women notice results within 2 weeks of use! Natural orgasm enhancement is also a well noted benefit to using yoni eggs consistently.

Our website was launched with the intention to educate women on the importance of self care, sexual empowerment and healing yourself from within while promoting your best energies to provide the opportunity to explore a natural vaginal rejuvenating experience. We are very confident that we are delivering long term results worth the time and dedication to consistently practicing with yoni egg crystals.

Our goal is to provide both a superior customer service experience while educating and healing our valued customers by providing you with ways to feel sexually confident and secure within your sexual femininity.


Treasure Thompson, also known as Mz Treasure Gemz, is a holistic healing/spiritual educator, innovative inspirational speaker and healer with a love for life, promoting healing and Yoni Yoga. In studying her own feminine essences, educating and healing herself as well other women around the world, she is always promoting women & sexual empowerment, holistic approaches to healing, organic orgasm enhancement, natural vaginal rejuvenation & peace within oneself. 

The Treasure Gemz Holistic Healing and Self Care Shop now has a variety healing products, including Yoni eggs, Yoni Steam Tea, Menstrual Cups, California White Sage, Yoga Mats, Resistance Bands, Bath Salts & more! 

We empower & embrace our natural beauty from the inside out, educate on feminine health concerns & promote organic enhancement and stimulation solutions. Try all of the natural products created with love and packaged with care. We are determined and very passionate about exceeding your expectations in your yoni rejuvenation experience.

**We love our customers and welcome your testimonies, questions and product suggestions.

To book Mz Treasure Gemz for speaking engagements, events and appearances, please contact: bookings@twoqueens.media