Deluxe Yoni Steaming Throne

Deluxe Yoni Steaming Throne

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The TreasureGemz Deluxe Yoni Steaming Throne is now available for all Queens personal Yoni steaming needs.

Steam your vagina like the pros when ever you want in the comfort of your own home. Why wait to book appointments at expensive spas when you can turn your home into one!
Steam before and after your menstrual cycle, use to prevent and treat yeast infections, BV, Fibroids or when you feel like your ph is off or just because you want a little steam on your Yoni! 
This is all you need to safely steam you Yoni in the comfort of your own home like a professional! No more steaming over the toilet because TreasureGemz is now available for purchase!

Features Include: 
Custom steam distribution with steam lever on High button or Low button. / Ergonomic and hygienic Urethane cushion makes you feel comfortable while seated on the steamer. 
Steaming Skirt
Removable Ergonomic Seat Cushion
US Plug Outlet 
Weight Capacity of 260lbs ( However Can Be Placed Under A Open Chair To Accommodate My Plus Size Ladies Easily.)  

**Made In China Exclusively For TreasureGemz Holistic Healing Suite in Los Angeles, California.